Going Dutch

I got my wife, Lowen, a cast iron dutch oven for christmas. I bought a used one with the idea we would restore it to its former glory. After some internet research and youtubing I had an idea of what to try. Basically you:
1. Scrub.
2. Run through the oven’s self-cleaning cycle.
3. Scrub again.
4. Apply generous coating of Crisco.
5. Bake in the oven.
6. repeat steps 4 and 5 a couple of times.
7. Make delicious food in it. Not me, I can’t cook. Lowen is a great cook though. look at some of her creations at her blog, which is sorely out of date. (better get posting Lowen)

Pretty rusty.

Pretty rusty.


Began the first scrubbing.

Began the first scrubbing.

Who wants to shake hands?

Who wants to shake hands?

After the oven cleaning and another scrub it is time for the first coat of crisco.

After the self-cleaning cycle and another scrub (sorry, no photos) it is time for the first coat of Crisco. Then back in the oven to bake a little. I had to buy Crisco just for this as we don’t use it, but later found out it is also good helping to clean ink off of my letterpress.

Getting ready to run the oven cleaning mode. This bakes off everything.

Getting ready to season the Crisco into the iron. The foil catches dripping Crisco.


Second coat of Crisco. Then one more time in the oven.




Back in action.

Back in action.


2 responses to “Going Dutch

  1. You make it look easy…y’know, a friend of mine at Winfield makes amazing cakes in his Dutch oven, baking it in hot coals. I should find out his method so you all can add another thing to your packing list!

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