Deck pt. 1, The Eradication

This project was a doozy so I am going to break it into a couple of parts. I started it 2 summers ago and I still have a little left to do—finish installing the railing system. No big deal, just don’t send your kids to hang out in my deck quite yet.

One day, long ago, I was poking around under our deck and noticed what looked to be a little wood rot. I thought I had better take care of that before it becomes a lot of wood rot. When I  started using a chisel to remove that little spot, it plunged all the way through the board. SO, it was already a lot of wood rot, great. More exploration and removing of paint found a LOT more. It went all the way into the sill plate on the foundation. Somebody had just packed it with wood putty in the visible spots and painted over it — you know, the best kind of repair.

There was so much that I decided to just replace the whole deck. Why not, I have never built a deck and it was about time for me to make Lowen nervous with a massive home project. Step one: tear down the old deck. Demo is always the fun part! The next episodes will be the rebuild and the cable rail system — complete with fabricated bannisters by guerilla engineer Michael Harry.


Added some bracing while I disassembled and started my discard pile.


Starting to take the decking off.


Jacked up the corner of the garage ceiling to replace the rotted sill plate.


Sill plate removed. This is outside looking into the garage. Kind of weird you can just jack up the corner of a house pretty easily.


New sill plate next to the old one.


A good chunk of this rim joists rotted away.


More rot in the rim joist.


More rot.


And more rot.


Part 2 will be the rebuild.


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