Return of the Jetta

This summer the Jetta got some attention. New tires, new brakes and rotors, seats cleaned, and some other fixes. You’d think it would be grateful but the S.O.B still stranded us on I-70 not to long ago, alternator went out. [fist shake]

This summer the AC went out. I fixed it, but first lets see my MacGyver-ism at work. I was driving to Minneapolis and didn’t have time to fix the AC, so after some googling, I decided to try to make a temporary redneck AC
with a foam cooler of ice, and a camping fan, and some rigid foam board. While it did blow out cold air, It didn’t blow enough keep up with the midwestern heat. I tried.

redneck AC

My attempt at redneck AC.

Now onto fixing the real AC. to I replaced the easy parts hoping it was that, the blower motor and blower motor Resistor. Neither of  those replacement parts fixed it. I assumed that meant the climate control switch went bad. Easy to replace, just getting to it was looking to be a pain in my arse, and I was right.


Just had to take out those turny knobs. Easy right?


Wrong. I had to take a lot of plastic parts out. dash panels, console, the glove box, and on and on.


All this had to come out…


To replace this little guy.

I also put new brakes and rotors on. The brakes were pretty bad. Worn all the way down, and past the sensor thingy.


I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be worn down THAT much.


Old vs. new.


Old rotor vs. new rotor.


Me vs. Jetta brakes


All done.


I used the old rotors for some rusty yard art decoration for our newish patio.



2 responses to “Return of the Jetta

  1. good work. i feel like i could replace the a/c thingy AND change my brake pads now. or maybe i’ll just call you…

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