Handmade threshold

We recently ripped the carpet out of one room and just painted the subfloor. Sounds janky, but it looks pretty cool, not to mention easy on the pocket-book. We needed a threshold to visually join the carpeted part with the new, non-carpeted part.  I was also being cheap about that and didn’t want to spend money on a long-ass, wood threshold—about 8 feet. After a trip to Ace Hardware where I said, “I’m not paying that”, I went to work on making my own out of some salvaged lumber I bought at an auction.

Looks real ratty on the outside.

Squared the edges and made the first rip cut.

Out of that I cut a strip and angled the top two edges.

Time for a “Banquet beer” break.

With pilot holes and counter sinks drilled and some varnish applied, it was installed with nice silvery screws.

Come closer…



4 responses to “Handmade threshold

  1. Damn Chris, that came out really good.

    • Thanks. It turned out better than I thought it would. The secret magic of a threshold is no longer a mystery. Now it is your turn to fabricate some awesome metal ones, on which to stub your toe.

  2. Beer and table saws–always a good combination. Threshold looks awesome!

  3. That looks incredible! I can’t believe that gorgeous wood came from that ratty piece! WOW! By the way, I love the painted subfloor, looks very beach cottage to me!

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