Old fence planks, new life

I have been working on a couple of big ass projects that have kept me from posting. Once they are done there will be posts and photos galore. Until then, nibble on this.

A few items I made out of some old cedar fence planks that were destined for the burn pile. I adopted the stash and have been using the wood to build stuff. Being well aged it gives it a rustic look. Wood, I give ye new life.

A little table to put stuff on. Decoration by Lowen.

Bones on display. Found on a bone hunt along the river (Thanks Kevin, the master of the bone).

A temporary cover for the window well to keep the leaves out, as well as typsy guest during BBQ’s. Very pirate-like eh? Kind of like a lid to a barrel of grog.

And finally, some wedding signs for my sister’s wedding.


One response to “Old fence planks, new life

  1. Bone Master Kevin

    Bone Master. I like it!

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