Painting a car hood

This was a last summer project, just now posting about it. The clear coat on the Jetta’s hood was flaking off like a bad case of dandruff. After a price quote from the body shop I decided to take on this hell hood myself. One reason was that for half the cost I could buy an air compressor, HVLP spray gun, auto paint, and do it myself, then have these tools for future projects, nice strategy for getting more tools huh? I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but it couldn’t look worse, hopefully *gulp*. Lowen was crazy enough to let me try this and in the end it turned out pretty decent. Not perfect mind you, but more than good enough for that Jetta. One thing I took from this? A big hats off to auto body folks. That is hard work and  an art form. Getting a  baby butt smooth paint job is a skill. BONUS; there is a video in this post, gettin’ all hi-tech on you kids.

That, my friends, looks like crap.

Stripped and sanded all the old clear coat off, and some of the paint. At this point I knew I couldn't turn back so I hoped I didn't bite off more than I could chew. This is where Lowen probably got nervous about this project. Me too a little bit.

All primed. We actually drove it like this for a couple of months. Ghetto fab eh? I had to wait until the humid, summer weather had gone bye-bye to lay down paint.

Paint day! "Want some of this?"

After hours and hours of prep work this part only took a few minutes. I wish it would have lasted longer. My make shift spray booth was made of a pop up tent and some tarp walls. You can see a box fan with a heater filter strapped to it. This was for exhaust for fumes, and the filter captured paint particles.

All done.


2 responses to “Painting a car hood

  1. Looks pretty darn fantastic, in my opinion!

  2. Nice! I would never have known.

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