New old wheels for Beulah

I finally replaced the hot rod rims and tires that came with my truck, whose name is Beulah by the way. This is one more step in returning it to a grandpa truck. I found a guy in KC who only works on and restores mid 60s trucks. Perfect, I have a mid 60s truck. He had an old set of rims, tires and original dog dish hubcaps that he sold me for a good price. The good price was because they needed a fair amount of work and are dented up a bit. I had to sand off some rust, primer and paint them. Originally, on the two-tone painted trucks, the rims would have been the same blue as the truck. I just painted them black for now, since they came to me black. I’ll paint them the blue later, when I paint some other body repairs and have the right blue on hand.

Goodbye hotrod wheels (left). Welcome back original wheels (right).

New kicks loaded up.

I knocked off the gunk and loose paint with a wire brush.

I knocked off the rust on the hubcaps.

I used some naval jelly on them to help inhibit the rust that I couldn't knock off.

The top 2 have been cleaned, the bottom two are next.

All primed.

The various stages of painting.

All masked off for the application of the red paint.


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