Fixing a tire leak, kind of boring

This post is about plugging a leaky tire. Not exciting, but the point is you can do it yourself if you want. My dad introduced this plugging method to me when I was a younger lad. They have these kits (who is they? I don’t know) that you can plug a hole in a tire pretty quickly and easily. Of course, last time I had a leaky tire fixed it only cost 10 bucks. That, however, was at least 15 years ago. Who knows what it cost now. Besides, where is the “DIY” in that?

Obviously you have to take the tire off.

Then spray some soapy water all over the tire.

Eureka! This is what you are looking for. The leak will make the soapy water bubble..

This is the kit. Mine is rusty as it hasn't been used in, mmmmm, maybe a decade?

Jab his tool in the hole to ream it out real good like. Reaming skills are essential.

Then take the rubbery, sticky plug and insert it into the slot of this tool.

Then coat that rubbery, sticky plug with the cement that is also part of the kit.

Take this tool with your rubbery, sticky plug and ram it into the hole you reamed.

Then pull it out with superman speed and the plug stays in. Hole filled, leak stopped.


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