Reclaimed cedar bench

My coworker had a new fence built and asked if I wanted the wood from the old fence. I took it, as if I don’t already have enough piles of wood laying around. It was all cedar planks and there were a few 6 x 6 cedar posts. I spent a couple of hours taking the wood apart. That sucked, but I jumped right into a project for the 6×6’s—a bench for around the fire pit.

The wood before, and after.

My newest pile o

Disassembled and I started cleaning up the posts.

Sanding, and sanding, and sanding.

Done with the rough sanding. I cut the rotted wood off, then cut the pieces to the lengths I needed.

Then I dry assembled and drilled holes for the lag bolts. That is a long ass drill bit eh?

I used a paddle bit to drill a large countersink hole, it will be filled with a plug later.

Here you can see how the countersink hole works. It allows the bolt to go under the surface and be covered up with a plug. This is a large countersink hole compared to the bolt head, but I wanted it to match the proportion of the beefy looking bench.

I drilled out my own plugs with a hole saw.

Then sanded them a bit to fit, they drilled out a little oversized.

Assembly time. I used the impact wrench to screw in the bolts so I wouldn't have to crank a ratchet over and over, plus they sound cool.

After the plugs were glued in it was more sanding. Here are the 3 sanders used on this.

If you sand when there is a 111° heat index, saw dust sticks to your skin.

All together and finished with Danish oil.


One response to “Reclaimed cedar bench

  1. mysticalengineer

    Completing terrifying! I want to learn to make/build something too but am intimidated. You must be awesome :0) I sure enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting. Hey! I thought the picture of your skin was an elephant! Then I thought, what part of the elephant is that? Then I read the text. Funny.

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