Camping table

I wanted to make some kind of camping table that would break down. In searching, I found Boy Scout plans for a “knockdown camping table”. The entire table is cut from a single sheet of plywood, with little waste. Assembly takes no screws since it notches together, and the pieces store flat when disassembled. I made it in 1 afternoon and it was pretty easy. I’m calling this one a “prototype” since I am planning on redoing it. The plywood I used was not exterior grade and it is 5/8, I want to use 3/4. It all fits together, just a little loose at the slots. Either way this little guy, or the remake of it, could be a nice addition to our Winfield supplies.

These were the plans I found.

The tools I used to measure and draw the cutlines.

My super sexy, hot pink carpenters pencil, courtesy of Billy Price Construction.

My old school jig saw, courtesy Kevin Sapp.

Pieces all cut out.

Time to start the maiden assembly.

Close up of the slots in action.

Together! Let us have picnic time.


3 responses to “Camping table

  1. this is awesome, and I can attest it really does set up in 2 minutes! I think you earned your beaver merit badge with this project!

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