Perennial garden project

This was a project from last summer or fall. We wanted to spruce up part of the yard around the house with a perennial garden. I went to work on tearing the crap out of the yard while Lowen came up with a plan of attack for what to plant and where. I had to dig up a bunch of stones that used to be a giant planter, but reused them for the edging. I hand cut the stones to size. It was like a caveman chiseling the first wheel, minus me wearing a woolly mammoth loin cloth. Oh, I own one, I just didn’t wear it that day. After it was all done I added a couple of rain barrels.

Above: what it used to look like. Below: after the magic.

Lowen's planting plan. Let's call it a plant-o-gram.

Let's start by removing the sod shall we? I placed the sod in other parts of the yard that need some extra grass.

After I removed the sod I found a buried foundation of an old, stone planter that used to be attached to the house. I was overjoyed at the idea of digging that up. Here I had started.

Still digging up those son of a bitch bricks and stones. Can't you can see the thrill in my face?

All dug up and creating straight edges for the edging.

I used all the stone I dug up for the edging, hand cutting the pieces into the right size.

The edging is taking shape. You can see my little stone cutting station.

Mulch time. This was before we had a truck so we had it delivered.

Lowen putting in the plants—in her polka dot-planting-pantalones.

Filling in with all the stuff, almost done.

1 year later it is full of flowers.

We were glad to have this project done, now the flowers do have to do all the work.


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