Rain barrel part deux

We wanted a second rain barrel since the one we have fills up so quickly. A 1,000 square feet roof can collect 600 gallons with just an inch of rainfall.

I picked up a plastic 55 gallon drum, bought the hardware, put it together, installed it and built a little base to cover the cinder blocks. Viewing below.

Meet Barry the Barrel.

Needed hardware: Spigot, overflow adaptor, overflow hose, bungee cord and a bit of screen.

I started by cutting off the top. Drilling a hole allows a jig saw blade to get in there to begin the cutting.

I followed the diameter of the top. I just eyeballed.

A hole saw drills out the spot for the overflow connector.

The connector taped up with thread seal tape.

After applying some silicone around the edge of the hole, the connector is screwed in.

The process is similar for the spigot at the bottom end. Drill hole, tape threads, apply silicone, screw it in.

Now it is time to make a spot for Barry the Barrel. I ended up stacking one more level of blocks on this. As you can see on the ledge, block stacking must be accompanied by drinking of the beer and smoking of the pipe (tobacco pipe, you stoner).

To make a nice base that covered the blocks, I used some reclaimed redwood from an old trellis Lowen and I dismantled at a friends house.

Cleaning and cutting the wood. Dirty and old on the outside, but the inside sparkles. What man doesn't like sparkles?

Adding the redwood slats to the frame I built around the blocks. Oh, somewhere in there I painted the barrel green.

All done and just in time. It rained that night and filled up not 1 but 2 rain barrels.


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