A new garden fence

The old reed fence around our garden held for 2 summers. It was a cheap way to fence the garden, but it had served its purpose. It was time for a little more permanent garden fence. Plus we wanted to add raised beds in the lower section of the garden, the grass came back with a vengeance. Building on a slope was a pain in the ass.

This is now the same areas as below.

Before: while this was our lower garden at some point, the grass got an A+ in reclaiming it's territory.

Making holes.

One section up.

Slowly but surely.

That's right, we have TWO wheelbarrows.

One of four raised beds.

Beds in place.

Concrete setting.


Posts + planks.

It has been a long road to this. Lowen planted the veggies and created the mulched paths, she has a giant green thumb.


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