tra-la-la trellis

A trellis tale.
Lowen wished for a trellis. While at home Depot we looked at a trellis. It was $13 and cheaply made. I of course make the claim, “I can make a better one and it will fit the exact dimensions we need”. Back at the homestead I proceed to make one out of some recycled wood. 2 or more hours later we have a sturdy trellis that will last longer, fits the space perfectly, and cost no money other than my time. Great. Would I do it again? No! 2-and-some-change hours of my time vs. $13 does not put me ahead. After drawing plans, cutting down the wood, assembling, staining and varnishing—we should have bought the cheap one. I could have reinforced it and modified it to fit in much less time. Oh well, I am a sucker for “I made that”. I’m sure there is some value in it, or a life lesson somewhere. Anywhere?

A rough plan, a few things changed in the final. Look at that old fashioned division up in the corner, it is probably wrong.

The unsuspecting wood I salvaged from when i ripped out the garage ceiling.

All cut up, assembled and being stained.

Close up.

Done and installed and waiting for some kind of growth to entangle it.


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