Tackling overgrown Juniper bushes

When we moved in the Junipers out front had been overgrown for years. Unruly and craggly looking with a plentitude of bagworms. A summer of crawling into the thick of it and trimming our way out whipped them into shape, plus it gave us a bunch of good smellin’ firewood.

When we moved in.

In the thick of it, cutting away.

This is only a small part of what we cut out. A lot went on to another life as firewood. Any cool pieces were saved for future creative projects.

Before: overgrown and crowded.

After: slim and sexy, reow.

Mulch applied


One response to “Tackling overgrown Juniper bushes

  1. nice! it looks so much better. I have a similar bush to this and was wondering if it could like this if you cut out some of the bottom. Nice to see that it can be done

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