Pallet benches

I pulled two truck loads of pallets out of the dumpsters (I’m that guy who crawls around in dumpsters to see if there is anything good in there). What to do with a bunch of pallets? Make benches of course. I made a larger L shaped one for the front deck using framing channel for the legs. I also made 2 thin benches for the patio table out back, using just wood for the legs on those.

Breaking pallets apart

two pallets bolted together for the big bench

Cutting the metal legs for the big bench

Legs bolted to the pallet

More legs

Ready for butts to plop on.

Cutting down the pallet for the smaller benches

Small bench stained, so it matches the patio table somewhat.


20 responses to “Pallet benches

  1. sweet! I saw a palette bench today and was like, simple dumb, I got’s to make one, anyways found your site and I enjoyed reading you posts, good stuff, keep it up.

  2. Great idea! What brand/color stain did you use on your benches? Thanks!

    • Hi, I believe I just used what I had on hand or had picked up at the habitat for humanity restore or a garage sale. Minwax, probably a reword color. I didn’t treat it with anything to protect from the sun so it has fade some.


  4. This is the Exact Stain I’ve been looking for … Any Idea what the Name/Color of the Stain?

  5. ronny mcmurray

    Love the bench looks very good I was wondering about the table that is nice also

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  8. Did you sand the pallets before building the bench?

  9. Hi I was wondering how you mad the smaller one, I am doing a project for school and was wondering if I could us the same plans you did?

    • Hi, No physical plans, I just winged it. In the 7th photo down you can see that I just cut a full pallet in half, lengthwise. making sure the center support (2×4) stayed. So it will require two pallets to make two benches. Then I made some legs out 2×4, cut to desired height and bolted them on with large lag bolts, if you look closely in the 8th photo you can see the lag bolt location. Hope that helps some.

  10. About how long is that smaller bench? You said you just cut a pallet in half. Just looks longer than a regular pallet in the pics. Looks great though! Thanks!

  11. What is the best type of hand saw to use to cut the pallets into small pieces. Like if I wanted to make Christmas Trees? Thank you.

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