Putting in a garden

Of course we wanted a garden at our new home, we had the space. We “reclaimed” the overgrown yard and this was our first version of the garden.

The "old" yard

Most of the fence is gone and we are digging up the grass. More importantly, how good do I look in overalls?

Fence poles out and the lower garden tilled.

Adding compost. More importantly, how good to I look in rubber boots with my pant legs tucked in?

Getting the garden fence up.

Bella wonders, "what the hell".

Paths made and things planted.

Then all the things that Lowen planted grow big and green.

Go back up and look at the photo with the fence, then look at this again, then give me a cyber fist bump.


One response to “Putting in a garden

  1. Here’s a big ole cyber fist-bump! Nice work!

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