A Wood floor gets a new life

We have wood floors in both bedrooms and they are not the prettiest girls in the class. We redid the 2nd bedroom floor since it wasn’t being used for anything at the time. Now it is Lowen’s Office. It is a weekend project, with about a week for drying time. We rented 2 sizes of floor sanders, sanded the floor down, applied 3 coats of Waterlox sealer, and let dry. The Waterlox is low VOC and 90% of the resin is from renewable, natural resources. But, it still aint no rose water, so a respirator and plenty of ventilation are called for.

Worn out!

Sanding. It felt good to get the floor back down to the wood, which was in great shape.

Using the smaller sander for the corners.

All sanded and stripped down. Ready for the sealer.

Applying the sealer. Make sure to ventilate or you will get so high. Ok, maybe don't ventilate.


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