Fixing up the yard

When we moved in there was a chain link fence in the back yard. Man, chain linked fences can be ugly and this was the case in our yard. We took down the fence and I had to dig out 20 or so tree stumps that had grown into the fence. I now hate tree stumps (I know, they make stump grinders and all that, but I opted for the hand-to-hand combat). On top of that I hand dug all the cemented fence poles out. I now hate cemented fence poles. Actually, I just hate chain link fences in general now. Nothing against yours if you have one, I just had a cage match against ours. (Get it? Chain link fence? Cage match? Zing!) Now the yard is free and open. Lowen planted an herb garden, we put in a vegetable garden and it is premo for hosting gatherings around the fire pit.

The ugly chain link fence.

Still ugly.

After the fence and stumps have been removed. Victory

All opened up. From a prison yard to a yard.


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